Our USA Veterans Project

We face threats to our country. Our very stability and security as a country, our way of doing things and our lives as we have always known them, are put at risk every day. Brave men and women go to war in hostile environments to protect us and our interests. They put themselves at risk for us. They watch their friends that go in with them get shot, blown apart, and some die. Some live to tell the story. But the story itself has destroyed them many times over.


Even if they lived, the horrors they had to deal with day in and day out also live within them now. Like an icy grip of death interlocked in the deepest levels of their “living” souls. Many develop PTSD as a result of having served us. They have difficulties adjusting back to a normal way of life back home. So often, they also have problems when they are too disturbed from their experiences in combat defending us and our country, finding where “home” now is. Getting back to living what we would see as a normal lifestyle is challenging when you are too disturbed to live and work as most are able to.


"They are not hopeless or helpless, but they need hope… and help!"


Imagine if you had these experiences of going to war for your country, being shot at, bombed, watching those around you die, losing legs and limbs, thinking that you will be next as you narrowly avoid it so many times seeing it happen to someone else. Then you finally get out of the combat zone, after thinking so many times and for so long you will not make it.


You “lived”, and were able to make it home. Now you realize all these tragic memories and experiences of death, dying and injury continue to haunt you. You survived physically, but you still didn’t really make it out. You have flashbacks of your best friend being blown up and dying right next to you in your arms while you were helpless to help him. You come “home” only to realize you no longer have a home here, you do not feel at home, you  do not feel accepted and can not maintain a normal job or lifestyle with all the flashbacks and other issues you couldn’t leave behind when you were fortunate enough to be the one that “survived.”


What do you do? Where do you turn?? Everyone and everything is different. Deep inside you know you are the one that changed. You are the one that is different. As you walk down the street, you’re trying to be too proud to ask for help. You were the hero. The one that risked your life for those around you that now seem so indifferent. So foreign.


You start the process of accepting you have no where to go. No one to help. On a cold, brisk day you huddle beside a building to find refuge from the arctic winds biting at every inch of your body. Then the building reminds you of the one your best friend got blown up next to, running from gun fire before the IED exploded and blew off his legs, sending him flying before his slow and agonizing death in your arms. As you start to wake up some from your flash back... you realize others are walking by you, being sure to keep a distance as they look at you as though you might be the threat.


But where do you go? Who do you confide in?? Where can you stay that people might understand and be able to help you?


This happens to our veterans everyday. Suffering from mental illness as a result of having served for us. Then coming home only to find out it is no longer home to them. They don’t fit in or have anywhere to go. No help, no refuge, no identity... just feeling like they do not belong anywhere, or have anything to live for.


HIRED is working on helping these vets that served us so bravely!

We can help them find housing. We are working on obtaining affordable section 8 housing for them.

We can help them find help for their mental health issues. Our plan is to help them with counseling for their PTSD and related mental health needs.

We can help them find others that are like them so they can realize they are not alone. We can help them find their productive side again and find a new identity to be proud of. We can help them feel like a human being again and get the life back they deserve. They need a lot of help. But we can do this!


We just need a little help from you to make this all possible!